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The Course

The Yoga Bubble YTTC is a Yoga Alliance approved residential 200 hours program. The course is spread over 4 weeks giving you time to fully immerse  yourself into the learning and teaching experience. Small groups (max 15) allow our teachers to give you the individual experience you need to feel well prepared and confident after your graduation. 

We offer a program that can be tailored to your learning style and level, so that everyone can be challenged! 

Course Objectives

ashtanga adjustments yttc
  • Have a sound foundational knowledge of modern and yogic anatomy

  • Teach a 60 minute shortened Ashtanga Primary or Ashtanga based Vinyasa Flow lesson to your peers including Pranayama and Meditation

  • Develop your Yoga Asana and Pranayama practice, increasing strength, flexibility and focus

  • Be familiar with the main teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

  • Learn about different aspects of yogic lifestyle, such as Ayurveda and Kriyas

Example Daily Schedule*

7.30-9.30 Asana Practice: Ashtanga Vinyasa 

9.30-10.15 Pranayama/Meditation

10.15-11.15 Breakfast

11.15-12.45 Anatomy & Alignment 

12.45-1 Tea Break

1-2.30 Teaching Methodology/Philosophy 

2.30.-4.30 Lunch

4.30-6 Workshop

7.30 Dinner

*example schedule, subject to change under needs of students and lead teacher

Classes are all day Sunday to Thursday, with half day Friday and Saturday off

Asana Practice


Your morning asana class will be focused on learning The Ashtanga Primary Series as a foundation for your development as teachers. The first 2 weeks of your course you will be led through the whole series by your lead teacher and you will also be adjusted and corrected by the assistant. When the group is ready, you will transition into the more traditional Mysore, self practice style of Ashtanga Yoga. The practice is geared towards both experienced Ashtangis and those not so familiar with the series. Self practice is not only an excellent way to work with our students individually, but also great for those with less experience to familiarise themselves with a practice they can safely and confidently perform without guidance upon completion of the course. 

Practice on Tuesdays and Fridays will be broken up by a Vinyasa flow class with a specific aim or theme. For example; Wednesday's class could focus on arm balancing and Saturday's class aimed at leaping into Hanumanasana. These classes will serve as an excellent example for those that want to develop their teaching in the style of Vinyasa Flow. 

Your morning practice will also be supported by evening workshops which will give us time to break down and discuss different techniques and answer any personal queries you may have. These workshops will include; arm balancing, back bending and transitions. There will also be time for some more restorative practices such as yin yoga and ball release to complement you learning experience.


Within your pranayama/meditation session you will be guided through basic pranayama (breathing) techniques. By the end of the course we will have developed your own sequence of pranayama techniques that you will be able to self practice and take away with you into the world. 

Breath is our bridge between the mental and physical, the subtle and tangible parts of our being. Pranayama's benefits, when practiced regularly are significant and can transform ones mental clarity and self control. 

We treat pranayama as a meditation on the breath, as a tool to focus our mind and balance our emotional state. During the first week of pranayama, as we slowly guide you through the techniques, we will also use visualization and mindfulness techniques that will help you to focus and build your meditation practice.

Theory classes will explain the benefits accompanying these breathing and meditation techniques enabling you to practice effectively during guided classes. 


Anatomy and Alignment

These classes will be structured through the Ashtanga Primary Series. Running through all the postures as they appear, interweaving a modern anatomical approach, so that the knowledge is applied and applicable to the practice and teaching of yoga. 

This class is also an excellent opportunity to explore your own practice and learn the suitable modifications for your own body and others. 



Teaching Methodology and Practicum

This module focuses on the skills needed to become a successful, engaging and adaptable yoga teacher. The class centers around peer led feedback and practical activities so that you begin to teach in the very first lesson. By the end of the module our aim is that you will have either designed a well planned and practiced 60 minute flow class, or you can chose to work from one of our set template classes; either a shortened Ashtanga primary series or a Vinyasa flow class. The template option can be a very good way for those wishing to focus more towards Ashtanga or for those who are less confident with English as a first language to feel confident when they teach to their peers towards the end of the course. Whichever option you choose for this module you will have developed a strong base class that you will be able to take with you wherever you go and adapt accordingly to your students. You will also have the tools and knowledge to be able to design and plan a range of classes, based of different themes and geared to different levels. 



Yoga Bubble Bag

Yoga Philosophy

Philosophy class will focus on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, covering the main sutras within the first 2 chapters and the 8 limbs as understood in both a traditional and contemporary context by comparing different commentaries and interpretations. Special focus will be given to the yamas and niyamas, the ethical code of the 8 limb system and how we can interpret these teachings into our lives as students and teachers. 






Next Scheduled Dates for 2019/2020

  • Sunday 13th October to Friday 8th November 2019

  • Sunday 17th November to Friday 13th December 2019

  • Sunday 5th January to Friday 31st January 2020

  • Sunday 9th February to Friday 6th March 2020

  • Sunday 15th March to Friday Friday 10th April 2020

Arrival and Departure days are the day before and the day after. 

Prices 200 hour yoga teacher training spain

Our main house has a max occupancy of 10 people. Once we have sold out of places within the main house we have extra accommodation a 5 minute walk away in 2 thatched cottages. If you'd like more info on this option do let us know in your booking and we can send you the details. 

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