Is The Yoga Bubble Teacher Training for you??

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There are so many yoga teacher training courses out there, it can be pretty hard to make the final decision. Not every course will suit every person and at The Yoga Bubble we like to be as clear as possible with the experience we are offering so that our students leave feeling confident as a teacher. 

- Our course concentrates on Ashtanga Vinyasa, it is not a pick and mix training or ‘multi-style’ course, you get a sound thorough training, allowing you to build on skills week by week rather than moving onto different things. Our goal is that you are prepared and feel ready to teach to the public on graduation.

- The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is spread over 4 weeks, meaning that our course is actually 200 hours!! And that you get as many contact hours as possible.

- There is a minimum of 3 teaching staff on each one of the teacher trainings that come from a variety of backgrounds and have different teaching styles so that you get a varied learning experience.

- By the end of the course you will have a 60/90 minute Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow Class that will have been practiced, prepared and critiqued so that you have a class ready to go.

- All lead teachers have lived, trained and taught yoga in India. They are able to bring you a curriculum that is rooted in tradition but accessible to the modern world.

-The maximum number of students on our course is 15, allowing us to give you the individual time you need and gives you the opportunity to get to know everyone in your group!

-All meals are vegetarian and are catered for. The tea and biscuit stand is always open!

-We are a Yoga Bubble! Our school is situated in a secluded and tranquil part of Southern Spain, with spectacular views over the Costa de la Luz and magical sunsets

-The course is intense and will demand your focus and will power. By the end of the course you will feel like you have really accomplished something and taken on valuable experiences mentally and physically from a daily practice. 

-The experienced teaching staff are here to get you through the intensity of the course and help modify or support your practice so that you always feel within your capability. 

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Yogi of the Month!

An Introduction to our Yogi of February 2018 (a little late I know!) 

Our yogi of the month posts give you an insight into the experiences that past students have had at our bubble in Spain and advice on how to approach your yoga training. 

Yoga Teacher Training Spain

Asa Splinter

Favorite Yoga Pose: 
Bakasana (crane pose)

Least Favorite Yoga Pose: 
Kurmasana (tortoise pose)

Where are you from and what do you do back home? 
I am Dutch and although I currently live in Belgium, I plan to go back to The Netherlands for a MA in Japanese Studies. As a (fun) side job I decided to start teaching yoga and who knows where that will lead me. Secretly, I would not mind starting a yoga retreat in Japan.  

How would you describe your experience at The Yoga Bubble?
I have followed the "Ashtanga/Vinyasa,-" and "Yin,-" Yoga Teacher Training Course but both were quite different but absolutely terrific. All three teachers are very knowledgeable and specialised in different fields. This means you are taught yoga from various perspectives which is very helpful to your own development as both a yoga practitioner and instructor. It was great to see how each individual had their own teaching style, which got perfected through very helpful feedback. If I must summarise my experience at The Yoga Bubble: it was far beyond expectation.  

What advice would you give students thinking about doing the yoga teacher training course?
Don't be scared and just go for it, because you will not regret the experience. Even if you decide not to become a yoga teacher afterwards, going through the training will give you so much self,- reflection and development. 

What has been the most challenging thing as a new yoga teacher?
Finding a yoga studio willing to work with you. I got turned down by some studio's due to a lack of experience, but fortunately the studio I do yoga at did want to work with me. And now a start-up studio also showed interest in working together. My advice in finding a yoga teacher job: ask your local yoga studio, or look for studio's that are just starting up... but above all, do not give up. After the training, I never expected I would immediately be able to start teaching yoga, yet here I am. I have The Yoga Bubble to thank for giving me the confidence to do so.

Thank You Asa! 

If you want to follow Asa more on his yoga journey check out his website:

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Graduation, Spain

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Graduation, Spain

Yogi Chocolate Truffles

Vegan, gluten-free & refined sugar-free (depending on chocolate used)


Deliciously decadent yet oh-so-simple to make, these vegan chocolate truffles are sure to go down a treat. Coconut milk is rich in vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6 plus a range of minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium - perfect fuel for yogis. While vegan dark chocolate is incredibly high in antioxidants which help to fight free radical damage and can slow-down the aging process. If possible, choose a raw chocolate bar and raw cacao powder to supercharge your truffles and increase their nutritional potency.

You can follow the recipe or use your culinary creativity to make these chocolaty goodies your own. Try adding in fruits and superfoods such sea salt, nuts, seeds, dates, goji berries or maca powder.

Ingredients – makes approx 12

  • 125g Vegan Dark Chocolate
  • 95g Coconut Milk
  • Cacao powder for rolling


  • sea salt
  • honey/maple syrup  
  • nuts


Break up the chocolate up into small pieces and place them into a bowl. Heat the coconut milk until it is boiling. Pour the coconut milk onto broken chocolate and let sit for around 1 minute. Stir the mixture with a spatula until all chocolate is melted and mixed with milk, then scrape down sides and pop in the fridge for around two hours, or until set.

Tip about half a cup of cacao powder into a bowl. Once the mix is set, use a spoon scoop into balls - about 17g per ball will make 12 good sized truffles. Before coating in cacao roll quickly into balls, then coat with cacao (warning: If you coat them in cacao before it won’t come together properly). Place the balls back in the fridge to firm up again. Remove them from the fridge then proceed to eat all the truffles in one sitting - or hide them far away from friends and housemates - your choice. Enjoy! Remember to take a photo and tag us @The Yoga Bubble so we can see your fantastic creations :)