50 hr Yin Yoga and Myofascia Teacher Training

Monday 13th April -Sunday 19th April

This is a Yoga Alliance 50hr course, presented over a week, designed to fully immerse yourself in everything Yin. The course is designed for students that already have a 200hr YTTC and want to expand the classes that they can offer. During this week you will learn the main body of Yin postures, effective use of props, philosophical background, alignment, how to structure a class, exploration on cueing, myofascial and meridian line theory.

Course Content

  • Fascia theory and how to apply it to practice

  • Comparison between contemporary understanding of fascial anatomy trains and traditional meridians

  • Daily morning practice of a balanced 2hrs Yin/Yang Yoga class with different themes, Meditation & Pranayama

  • Afternoon Yin Yoga practice short sequences and students teaching

  • Foundational Yin Yoga Asanas in theory and practice with a breakdown of each Asana

  • Variations, modifications and the use of props in each of the foundational Asanas

  • Developing a functional approach of Yoga and understanding the uniqueness of each body and individual bone structure

  • Yin Yoga sequencing and the tools needed in order to teach Yin Yoga authentically

  • Energetic systems, Meridians and Chi Flow in Yin Yog

  • Philosophical comparisons between traditional Yoga Philosophy and the Yin perspective

  • How to combine Yin and Yang within a class


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8-8.30 Pranayama/Meditation

8.30-10 Yin/Yang Practice

10-11 Breakfast

11-1 Fascia Theory

1.15-2.15 Philosophy

2.15-3.15 Lunch

3.15-4.45 Asana lab

5-6.30 Yin practice

Evening Activities will be scheduled on alternating days depending on the energy of the group.





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Reiki Level 1 Immersion

9th-10th of November 2019

This will be a weekend immersion at The Yoga Bubble, held by Joanna Lewins. We will come together, immerse ourselves in Reiki energy light and yoga.

Reiki is a simple modality to learn, and once you are attuned to the lineage, it will be with you for life. It can be subtle, yet is deeply profound and powerful! I am honoured to have witnessed some of the biggest transformations in students and clients when working with Reiki.

Level 1 is a beautiful introduction to Reiki and the day will be spent in an intimate group in which we will cover: A brief history, the Reiki Principles, working with energy, chakras (what they are & their aspects), how to do a self-healing practice, working with others, grounding & protection, sacred practices, setting up your space, meditations & much more.

Learn about the importance of self care, and deepen your connection to self, on an energetic, physical, mental & emotional level, which will improve all areas of your life! Witness the ripple effect of this work on a much bigger scale through your own lineage.




10-1: Teachings
1-3: Lunch
3-6: Teachings

8-9.30: Optional Morning Yoga
9.30-11: Breakfast
11-1: Teachings
1-3: Lunch
3-5: Teachings

If you would like to stay Friday or Sunday night it’s an additional €50/night and can be arranged on booking.  Contact us for the course without accommodation

If you would like to stay Friday or Sunday night it’s an additional €50/night and can be arranged on booking.

Contact us for the course without accommodation


Other Courses Available...


The Art of Adjustments

Adjustments and touch is a very important aspect for us here at The Bubble. During this week long course you will be guided through the most common adjustments found through an Ashtanga Vinyasa practice and learn about the subtleties and safety precautions of adjusting. When it is appropraite and in what way for each individual. 

Anatomy Refresher Course

Designed to give those already teaching a grounded, expanded, fundamental understanding of anatomical principles, in order to help you assist your students. Focusing on yogic anatomy, common injuries and other anatomical limitations to enable you to provide suitable modifications and specialised personal care to your students.


Vinyasa Immersion for Teachers

Do you feel like you are teaching the same class over and over? Do you need some inspiration to find some new sequencing ideas or imaginative cueing? Then this is the course for you. Classes will include creative sequencing, finding your authentic voice, an exploration on cues and the different layers of setting an intention. By the end of the course you will come away with fresh ideas, having broken old habits and have a stronger more individual style. 

Ashtanga Immersion for All

This course will introduce you to all things Primary Series. We have a slightly different take on the series at The Yoga Bubble so every morning you will be lead through the whole of the primary series with individual modifications being giving throughout, so that it is accessible and enjoyable for all. Daytime classes will include the history and philosophy of the Ashtanga practice and evening classes will focus on the alignment of each pose so that you are able to progress and explore in your own way. 

Introduction to Ayurveda

This is a great course for those that are curious about the 3 different doshas that govern our world; Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Discover what your own individual constitution is and how we can recognise the doshas of others. Through yoga, diet and mindfulness how can we apply Ayurvedic principles to our lives to come to a more happy, healthy state of being? By covering the fundamental principles of Ayurveda practically and theoretically we can find our balance.