Frequently Asked Questions…

-Will I be able to teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga after the 200 hour course?

ashtanga vinyasa flow yoga teacher training graduates

Yes! To be clear you will practice Ashtanga more than Vinyasa in the morning practice (you will still practice Vinyasa classes twice per week) and Ashtanga is used as a basis for the anatomy and alignment classes however in the teaching methodology module you will be given the option to teach either your own Vinyasa flow class or a set Vinyasa flow class. All skills required to teach Vinyasa will be covered including a class on Vinyasa alignment and some postures that do not appear in the primary series. All the information and practice gained with Ashtanga will provide an excellent basis to explore the style of Vinyasa.

-Will I be able to teach Ashtanga Yoga after the 200 hour?

Yes! You will be able to teach a shortened Ashtanga primary series class which follows the same order as the primary series with the main fundamental postures and sections.

-Who is your course registered with?

Our courses are registered with the Yoga Alliance which is the most internationally recognized yoga teacher registry. Once you have completed all the hours of the course and completed the assessments you will be given a certificate which will allow you to register with the Yoga Alliance if you wish.

-Are there shops and bars nearby the school?

During the Spring and Autumn months there are hotels a 5 minute walk away where you can grab a drink and a piece of cake! However we are in the middle of the country side, the closest village shop and restaurants are a 30 minute walk away and the nearest proper town a 15 minute drive. Some students love to stay in the countryside all month however other students prefer the freedom of renting a car so they are able to explore or pop out when they need to. This is also quite a cost effective option considering the cost of taxis in the area is quite high.

-Do I need to bring my own sheets and towels?

No! All sheets and towels are provided for.

-Can I do my washing at the school?

Yes we have a washing machine here for students to use and drying racks. We do ask for a suggested donation of 1 euro per load for the washing machine so that small loads are avoided and students are encouraged to share loads.

-Are there any exams at the end of the course?

There are assessments at the end of the courses. For the 200hr YTTC you will be required to teach a 60-75 minute class, complete an anatomy and alignment paper and a short philosophy essay. We assess everyone individually, we take into consideration the effort and dedication gone into the process.

-How much experience do I need to register for a teacher training course?

This can vary massively and depends on what kind of experience you mean. Some people come to us with an established meditation practice and not much asana (posture) experience, others may have more asana experience but have never meditated. We assess everyone’s application individually and don’t consider headstand a prerequisite of a teacher training :)

-Do you have any required reading before the course?

For the 300hr course there is a distance learning module which will be sent to students after their application is confirmed. For the 200hr students all the hours are covered in the classroom however we do recommend ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ by Gregor Maehle to help you get a grip of the material before you arrive. This has the order of the primary series, anatomical information and a commentary on The Yoga Sutras. For more suggested reading please get in touch.

-Are there non-residential options?

Yes. If you live in the area we are happy to consider a non-residential place for you. Meals would still be included as for us this is an important part of the group experience. We unfortunately cannot allow students to stay in their vans on site.

-Is there wifi?

Yes. There is wifi in the upstairs part of the house and also in the extra accommodation in the 2 cottages 5 minutes walk away. If it is important for you to have wifi in your bedroom let us know and we will try to position you in the right place.