Our team at The Yoga Bubble is an experienced trio that collectively have taught many students and trained many teachers. Here are just a few...

Simone Ashtanga Vinyasa Student Europe

Simone Peraz

The location is beautiful, waking up every morning with the beautiful view of the fields and the sea is awesome, and during the day there is even the pool where you can chill.
Food is even better, i think i haven't eat badly a single day, super balanced and tasty vegetarian food is always provided at the Bubble. :)

I took part in an ashtanga 200hrYTTC and it has been an amazing experience!
The teachers are very competent in every aspects of their teaching, they are always avaible to answer extra questions and to help you after class if you need it. A very complete course on every aspect of the practice and yoga lifestyle. After completing this 200hr i feel definetely ready to teach yoga.

You are not only joining a yoga retreats/YTTC but you are joining a beautiful family of amazing people! <3
Thank you again for this amazing experience, miss you all! <3

300 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Student Europe

Emily Versteeg

I've had the privilege to have had these three wonderful people as my teachers. Through out my teacher training programs in India they have taught me the history of yoga, the anatomy of the body and have helped me to achieve new milestones within my Mysore self practice.

I remember the first time I met Amelia, it was during Mysore practice when she helped me fall back into Urdhva Dhanurasana. I was absolutely stocked as I had previously thought that this was never going to happen. Amelia is a very determined person, she has a fire within her, but what I remember most is the patience she has. I am not the easiest person to teach but she had so much patience for me and made sure that I would get to where I needed to be. I appreciate her knowledge and the love she has for all the students who put in the same effort. Amelia has a curious mind and shows a willingness to her students reassuring them that they will have a teacher for a life time.

There was never a dull class with Morwenna. It takes a true talent and energy to be able to tell a story about a religion and history of a county with the passion she has. My ears were always all hers as she told us about the myths and history of India and Yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas, Karma and the way of life. It has opened my mind to new things, and to the unknown and provided me with a new outlook and love of life. A truly inspirational woman.

Last but not least Lascel. A true boot camp yogi but with an incredible aura. Everyone always feels completely at peace around him. He has a very clear and calming voice, even during our led Ashtanga classes in the morning he would always make us laugh, while we were trying to get into our more advanced asanas. He has a gift to help people within their own practice and explain things clearly to help others. He is one of those teachers that finds enjoyment in passing along the knowledge and sees everyone as equal.

200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Student

Michelle Rowsell

If you’re thinking about booking, just DO IT! I promise that the experience will not disappoint! You’ll walk away confident in your practice with a sound knowledge of anatomy, inspired to teach.

I initially booked on an intensive 200hrTT course because I wanted to fully immerse myself; to deepen my practice and understanding. I now feel fully confident to lead classes! This wasn't necessarily a priority but it is something I truly value. This is due to the love and attention from the teachers at The Bubble! They all had their own quirks as teachers and their love for the practice was always at the forefront! Each armed with their own style of teaching, we were exposed to Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow throughout the 4 weeks. Whilst it was obvious to me that they all have their own different yoga styles, they came together to make sure that all their teachings were rooted in the Ashtanga method. Yin and Acroyoga also made a feature which was fantastic!

The schedule was well thought out and it didn’t cut corners on anything. I was grateful for my 4 weeks in Spain… Saturday afternoon and Sunday’s off gave the perfect opportunity to revise what we had learnt over the week. It’s my opinion that you can’t cram the training into 3 weeks without losing some kind of quality control. This is something that I felt they also understood. Our group was capped at 15 which gave us the feeling of being seen by all the teachers and there was a definite emphasis on the quality of the training here.
This team should proud of HOW they are going about creating future yoga teachers.

Sarah Ashtanga Vinyasa 300 hour student

Sarah Kaiser

The 4 weeks at the yoga bubble house was such an intensive, incredible and wonderful time :). The teachers are great and they really try to give all their knowledge to you. The Yoga lessons in the morning, pranayama, wonderful breakfast, anatomy, teaching methodology also. - I miss it a lot! The vegan food is really delicious, the house is nice and you will have a great view of the landscape - absolutely in silence. A small group of nice people, allows you to learn really quick and intensive. It was hard but one of the nicest experiences in my life. Definitely a yoga hot spot in Europe. If you want to do a really great high quality Yoga Teacher Training, with wonderful teachers, Yoga Yoga Yoga and so much more - then is The Yoga Bubble definitely your right Choice.

I am so thankful and now I am able to do things, which I have never Imagined before. I will always keep them in my mind, and I will definitely come back. I learned so so much and got so many new Friends. Thanks for Everything and more ;)!

300 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Student Europe

Theoni Tsoumparaki

Attending yoga teacher training is hard enough as it is. The key to learning and absorbing so much information in such a short amount of time, comes right down to the teachers.

Amelia, oh Amelia! Amelia had so much knowledge to offer, her expertise on anatomy and the human body is indescribable. What I loved more, was her passion for teaching and her patience. I left the program feeling confident in understanding yoga anatomy as a teacher.

Morwenna reminds me of a pocket encyclopedia! Her knowledge on Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and Ashtanga is astonishing. Morwenna has a way of turning every class into storytelling time, like a child I would wait with anticipation to hear and learn something new.

Lascel...thanks bud. (JUST KIDDING!!!)

Lascel's commitment to teaching is extremely inspiring. He has a style of his own, humorous (not the bone...get it? get it?) yet dedicated, fun, edgy and committed to the practice. Because of Lascel, I walked away feeling confident as a teacher to adjust my own students.

Thank you guys so much, you MADE my training, miss you loads!

Emely Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Training Student Europe

Emely Köhler

I LOVED it all, every minute of it and all aspects but most of all I love all of you. Amelia, Morwenna, Lascel, Anna and Clare you are beyond magic all of you. I apologise profusely that this is only half a year late. But it’s only because I struggled so much to find the right words to portray how happy you have all made me and how you’ve filled me up with so much life, love and laughter and most of all how you’ve given me the tools & confidence to teach the gift of yoga and more importantly the confidence to be proud of who I am. I will be forever grateful and I know that you are going to move mountains together, open so many more hearts and sprinkle your sparkly magic wherever you go. All those people who have the pleasure of crossing paths with you, I do hope they know how lucky they are. Keep being who you are and doing the magnificent work that you do in adding life to the years we have to spend on this earth. Funnily enough these words came to me last night as I was practicing the primary series so I cut my savasana short and quickly wrote it all down. And guess whaaat Lascel I can do the jump through aaaaah my gad. SO exciting. I hope I get to cross paths with you all again soon. And remember mi casa, su casa 🇧🇼 love, hugs and big kisses you beautiful humans ❤️ Miss you all like crazy.

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